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Monday, October 15, 2012


Alycia from Crowley Party in Michael Kors dress
Shannon from Style with Shannon
Loving her Enzo Anglioni shoes
Shannon in lovely Tory Burch dress
Cara Loren from CaraLoren in Jodi Christopher from Dillards
Cara's shoes are Kelsey Dagger
On the left is Emily over at Creamy. She's wearing Eliza J. from Nordstrom.

Being musicians first and foremost, we have to admit we were excited to be part of the Utah Opera's opening night red carpet event. We've all heard bits and pieces of Verdi's Il Trovatore, but I have to admit, I've never seen it live (even with all of my metropolitan opera days in NYC). I wish we had a picture, but the lighting and set design were the best we've seen at the Utah Opera, so kudos to those taking cues from the likes of the Met opera designs. And I have to admit, I particularly loved the control and passion of Scott Piper's voice (the Tenor playing Manrico).

So onto the style, We met a few other bloggers out for the event and we have to tell you that they were all very beautifully dressed. You might already be following some of them, but they are beautiful aren't they? For particulars on what they're all wearing and where to buy, definitely take a look at their individual sites. Somehow we missed Alycia in that last picture, but she was wearing a gorgeous sequin Michael Kors dress (seen up top). Stay tuned tomorrow to see what we were wearing....

And congratulations to the Utah Opera for a beautiful night out. (P.S. I am LOVING the upwards lighting beneath the stage! Well done [couldn't disagree more with the Tribune's review of it])!


  1. It was so fun to meet you and I agree with you how amazing the opera was. I was in heaven listening to the beautiful music. It was such a lovely night! The only thing missing in this post is a picture of you in your gorgeous dress! Hope to see it soon, I LOVED it!


    1. Awww...thanks. you were seriously so cool. thanks for being my seat buddy :). oh and tomorrow I'll post what I wore....

  2. I was the weird short girl who was staring at you. I promise it was only because I knew who you were but couldn't figure it out. I did figure it out, however, right after I walked away. haha! You looked lovely! Loved your outfit. :)

    1. Gentri! I do remember you! I also remember thinking how I should take a photo of you, but the lighting wasn't great. next time lovely lady!

  3. I was a fellow blogger also in attendance at the Opera on Saturday night. I am sorry I didn't have the opportunity to meet you or the other bloggers there. So glad you enjoyed it. It was fabulous, wasn't it???


    Abby Doll


  4. Great review, and it was wonderful to meet you Saturday night! So glad you had a good time! :) Looking forward to your fashion post tomorrow!

  5. Such a fun night! Great pictures :) You looked stunning by the way! Loved the all white.

  6. I was lucky enough to be invited to Saturday night's premiere as well - wish I had known you were there! I would love to have met you lovely ladies. I've seen a few glimpses of your outfits from other blogs, and I can't wait to see more of Melody's gorgeous white dress + blazer.

    I'm not a musician, and it was my first experience at the opera, but I thought the performance was absolutely amazing... and Manrico was definitely my favorite! :)