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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


belted military jacket
belted military jacket

We're definitely late today because of the crazy storm (read below for how we're doing). But here is the jacket that Melody has been excited to show. It is from H&M, but looks very similar to some of the Burberry fall and resort jackets (we'll show you a look very soon that was directly influenced). The top underneath is from an awesome store popping up in the big city called Joe Fresh. Our sister-in-law introduced us and we are in love. They have a small online collection so make sure and check them out. Belt is thrifted, jeans are Urban and boots are Macys. Little niece here is in Joe's Jeans, and boots are thrifted from Kid to Kid. We made our way through the pumpkin patch and she definitely thought it was like easter egg hunting. We felt bad having to take pumpkins out of the wagon every time she added new ones. I think eventually she started catching on.

By the way, for those wondering... Melody barely escaped from the massive hurricane by getting one of the last rental cars in the city and driving to Chicago through the night, where magically she was able to catch a flight monday morning. Desirae is safe as well (she lives on very high ground in the city). She is currently waiting it all out with her cat (husband is out of town). 


  1. A. Love both of your boots, so cute!
    B. Glad Melody's ok!
    C. Joe Fresh is one of my fave new stores even though I haven't shopped there yet :)

  2. I've never bought anything from Joe Fresh for myself before, but their kids section is pretty cute... Real Canadian Superstore is the only place open when last minute shopping for a baby shower present at midnight the day before the event.

    It always amazes me how people can make grocery store clothing look good... I've always assumed the quality is bad because it's sold in a grocery store, but maybe I should give it a second look. I love the jacket with that belt btw.

  3. Lovely outfit! Super cute!
    Glad you're both safe! It's crazy all the stuff going on right now, it's like it all started at once. My brother lives in Hawaii, they got evacuated (nothing serious, they're back now) but it doesn't sound like fun.
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