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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Alien Planet
The Hummer Tour 
(yes, that's right. over rocks)
 that is not a road.
(those are tire marks)
 (you can't quite tell)
(but the incline in this next picture is almost completely vertical)
 Sister's cute outfit
Sperry: the way to go
The Grotto Concert

 The River Trip (to the Grotto)

Ok So I'm not going to lie. I packed horribly for this trip to Moab. Here I thought I was doing so well too! I realized I had nothing other than my jean cut offs (how did this happen?) and a white pair of shorts for multiple occasions. I thought I dressed well for one of the evening concerts (in a theater), but when I showed up, I realized I was OVERLY's MOAB gosh dang it (one day we'll have to show you what I wore was very much inspired by Dolce and Gabbana...but I digress). Back to the jean cut offs...they were definitely getting old by the end of the trip. On the early, cold (let's don't forget that) - morning of the hummer tour I asked my sister what she was wearing, "jeans." My text back to her consisted of "good gosh I didn't even bring any long pants!" So she ended up looking all cute and I looked like I only brought one pair of pants (which was pretty close to being accurate). OK and then there was the fedora. I knew we'd be doing crazy things and instead of just pinning my hair back, I decided "hey! the hat will just cover the mess." I ended up at the Grotto concert (a REALLY cool natural amphitheater on the Colorado river) wearin' my trusty hat. Well, after the concert it was time guessed it, pictures. Not just any pictures either; pictures with notable people (like Leonard Bernstein's daughter, the heads of Steinway and Sons, the founders of the Moab Music festival, and a particular shot with Juilliard musicians that was supposedly getting sent to the heads of The Juilliard School). And guess what...I frantically pulled off my hat, got right in my sister's face and said..."hair?" Her reply face said it all. The hat went back on. And so, there is a cute little fedora that made it into every more official picture that day. So it pains me to include more pictures of jean cut offs and fedoras, but alas, it was the Moab uniform.

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  1. Very cute story and hey, guess what? You always look adorable no matter what...lucky girl!