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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


OK so we kinda like this dress. We saw it on the Christian Dior Couture runway for the Fall collection, but couldn't include it here because the top was so sheer. But now Julianne Moore has taken it on and we're excited we can post about it. The nice thing about this dress is that most that are more covered in front and have long sleeves like this are usually completely backless. This however covers all around, which is pretty unheard of in the design world (one of the rules of thumb is if you're covered in one area, you're uncovered in another). But we have to admit we don't think it photographed as well as it looked as she moved in it on stage. Are we off of our rockers in liking it? What do you guys think?


  1. I WANT to like it, but I just feel like its not very flattering. And maybe frumpy. Which I hate to say, as its so rare to find a dress like this on the red carpet. I'm going to go back and watch the Emmys I have recorded, since maybe it really is just not a photogenic dress?

  2. It makes her look lumpy around the middle. On a model it works but on a real, older woman it doesn't.

  3. Agree. I keep seeing it posted around in the "modest fashion" world and while it works for modesty, it doesn't look that great. If it didn't have the modest factor it probably wouldn't speak to us much. It's busty and not in an attractive way, kinda frumpy looking.