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Tuesday, August 7, 2012



We are loving these looks from Mango! We haven't usually been big fans of this brand, but these looks are changing our minds since the collection definitely reminds us of the edginess of Kate Lanphear. We are especially loving the length of the blazers. Aside from this, and although it's hard to choose, one of our favorite outfits is the chanel-looking jacket paired with the black sateen pants and lettered loose t-shirt. Do you guys have any favorites? Because we're also loving the leather and lace combo. You may find some of the looks recreated on these pages since we're definitely inspired....

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  1. I love Mango!! Have you seen the MNG by Mango line at JC Penney? It's outrageously cheap and I usually want almost everything there. Just so you know. Funny because it's not even worth walking around the rest of the store, but I try to breeze through the MNG rack every couple of weeks and NEVER come away empty handed.