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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sometimes you need a little of a different "Kate" in your wardrobe. This is Kate Lanphear...the queen of edge/grunge/and all things rocker/chic. She's also otherwise known as the Style Director of Elle Magazine. I thought of her constantly the other day as I was staring at the perfect black leather jacket on a hanger at Forever 21. Seriously, the fit and look were amazing (even the price was perfect at $30!). But I couldn't get myself to take the plunge because of my stupid self-imposed budgeting (all monies...even $30 are to be saved for the extensive home renovation that is almost done in my life. I've come to realize that even a measly $30 can buy pipe, trim or paint). Yet I keep telling myself that the fight is not over. We left town the day after I saw it so it's probably gone by now (perfect things don't stay long). The verdict is still out though. I will let it go when I see it gone.

So here's the thing, just like when we see things from the runway that inspire us, obviously other dressers inspire us and our looks. The second to last look (although the skirt's a bit short) totally inspired this look a while back. Although we wouldn't wear EVERYTHING she's got on, we definitely take away a lot of ideas. In the end, even though I didn't buy the jacket, I did buy a leather studded cuff (bracelet). I've always wanted something to achieve a harder look on my arm and now I actually have one (obviously not as dangerous as her's looks, but still fun).

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