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Friday, July 6, 2012


OK first off, thank you EVERYONE for the comments on the post below. We're incredibly sorry to put "Anonymous" on the spot, and I hope you know that we weren't offended by the comment at all. We really were just wondering if more people felt the same since it changed the 'look' and 'feel' of the blog when we increased our posts. We enjoy hearing all of your feedback and actually would love it more often! It definitely helps us shape the blog. So here's some of our thoughts on what was said: we would LOVE to give you more street style posts, but seeing as though we are musicians first and foremost, it's just physically impossible to give you nicer pictures every day of what we're wearing. We could snap crazy phone pics of ourselves, but that seems weird to us. Maybe things will change in the future and we'll be able to give you more street style (even from others on the street), but with both of us on separate coasts, we're just glad we can continue as we are. So when we can, we will give you more. Oh and don't think any of your comments are for naught. We definitely hear you!
   Lastly, this top! The first image is from Zina at Fashion Vibe and although we haven't been crazy about the patterned pants taking off lately, we are crazy about the peplum top! The second is from Blair at Atlantic-Pacific. And you know what's awesome, evidently it's from H&M! WE MUST FIND IT! We're both on some self-imposed budgeting right now so we're trying to figure out how to get around this at the moment...hmmm. But we can't help thinking how great this top will look with these pants to create this type of look. Wish us luck! 
   Oh, and thanks again!


  1. This one may be a bit more than you want to spend, but it's realllly cute:

  2. Both those shirts would look great on either of you! Not me though! :) I think they would only look good on super skinny (which isn't me!):)
    Sorry, but I actually REALLY like those pants! Flog me if you must...*GRIN*
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