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Monday, July 9, 2012


Oh my goodness you guys, we are absolutely in LOVE with this company. Eshakti is simply genius. Remember how we told you we were getting ready to promote a company in this post (inspired by the Jil Sander mustard dress)? Well here it is. They contacted us a while back about possibly featuring one of their dresses, and reluctantly we went to the site to check it out. It's been a while since we were pleasantly surprised to find an awesome idea and company take off. So here's the thing... you can take any dress on the site (this is the one we picked) and even if it's sleeveless, short, or lower cut in the picture, you can modify it with multiple types of sleeves, lengths, necklines etc. So pretty much you can modify ANY dress on the site to fit your needs. The greatest part about it, is that there are quite a few cute dresses to choose from. It definitely got us pumped to order ours. We must admit we were a tiny bit skeptical how it would turn out (since the dress was definitely cute on its own), but when it arrived we now think our dress (with sleeves) is maybe even cuter than the one pictured! Let's just say that we whole-heartedly stand behind this company. What a great concept.

One great thing is that this dress can be dressed up or down. We decided to dress it down here.  Remember what we were saying about dressing down looks in the Valentino Resort post? Well here's an example of this. You can achieve it by pairing with flats, fedoras and casual bags.

P.S. We have been wanting a mustard dress for a LONG time. We almost bought this one from Zara last year, then decided on one from Ebay that we lost in bidding. Eventually we kinda gave up...until now! And of course we're so excited to pair this with jackets and sweaters come fall like this.


  1. That is a really special dress. I want one!

  2. Lovely dress! Eshakti is a great company!
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  3. love the colour...checking these guys out now!

  4. I love that site, and I love that dress!