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Thursday, June 28, 2012


These looks are really just to prepare you for a look we have coming on Monday. You know how much we love our motorcycle jackets. And you know what's so nice about them? Is that they're still going strong through fall. Leather was all over the fall runway (in everything from blazers to skirts...just check this out...let's just say that we're not going to be putting the jackets away any time soon.). It is definitely an edgy season with so much texture thrown in. Here are a couple of looks from Zara, which we think may be starting to prepare us for the roughness of fall. These are looks taken from their Lookbook for June. Pay close attention to the top look...the pairing of rough and sweet (which we've talked about before here), because our look utilizes these elements as well. Thus far we'd say a jacket like this is a pretty cool purchase these days....
(p.s.....if you want some great wide-fitting trousers kinda like these, than you should definitely check out Zara's amazing sale right now on these. We actually think they're better than Melody's!)

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