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Monday, April 30, 2012

PAIRING TEXTURES - Denim and Tulle

We love when different textures are paired together. There's something kind of nice about the rough against the sweet, like when you see leather paired with chiffon, or in this case, denim paired with tulle. And do you know when we started seeing this specific denim and tulle combo? On the runways of 2010 (back where the denim trend was taking off. You can see the look here. You can also see a shot from backstage at D&G here).We feel bringing in an element of texture is what makes some outfits more interesting. A lot of us don't very often think of texture as being an element in dressing, and I must admit we hadn't either.  Sometimes you just go off the instinct of  'oh this could use a fur element' or 'this could use a tweed' 'or maybe leather would help this.' For instance, one of us is dying to pair a long chiffon dress of hers with a leather jacket soon. We'll let you know how it turns out. By the way, we loved this picture from Vogue China (Feb. 2012) that kind of illustrates the juxtaposition of denim paired with something more formal. So we say go for it! Start pairing rough and sweet (kinda like the sour patch kids commercials....:) 

(P.S. don't you think sometimes nature has it right all along? The bird pictured was definitely an inspiration for this color combo.)


  1. I love this outfit.  I also love that bird beak, perfect!

  2. Another beautiful, clean outfit!


  3. great outfit!!! where did u get the skirt????

  4. Thanks guys! And Ruth, sadly the skirt is from H&M last season. You may be able to eBay it however...