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Friday, May 18, 2012


We ran into Sarah from Welcome to the Good life at Tiffany last week and didn't she look so cute? We are in love with her Tahari dress from Macy's (lovely Sarah sent us a link to where you can buy it here).  We didn't realize it when we first met her, but we were already familiar with her blog. One of her DIY puffy sleeve post images showed up on Pinterest and we were so intrigued that we spent a while trying to find out where it came from (Man! Pinterest makes it so hard to trace image sources). To make a long story short, let's just say we finally found her, and ever since we've been hooked (you should check out her recent post on dying your own mint-colored jeans here).  Anyway, she's quite creative, (besides being beautiful) and we were glad we got to meet her.
      Lastly... do you notice the color of her finger nails? Man, we wish we had a close up on them. Yes, we're pretty sure that's Tiffany blue there. And we must admit, it's very fitting....

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