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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi arrives for the red carpet of 2nd Beijing International Film Festival at China National Convention Center on April 23, 2012 in Beijing, China.
Zhang Ziyi in Alessandra Rich
Fan Bingbing - 2nd Beijing International Film Festival - Opening Ceremony
Fan Bingbing in Tadashi Shoji
Posted Image
Crystal Liu

The 2nd annual Beijing film Festival held this past week was quite a stir in the Chinese media. It was a chance for that country to see all of its stars in one place...a red carpet the size of a football field. And of course the women looked stunning. We've been fans of Zhang Ziyi for quite some time now, so it was awesome to see her do away with the glitz of the night and go ultra cool in her Alessandra Rich dress. And then there was Fan Bingbing. Her red carpet looks have been pretty awesome as you can see here, here and here. But she really hit it out of the park with her 20's glamour Tadashi Shoji look. (By the way Tadashi Shoji is doing some awesome things right now for the modest dressing crowd, and it's not out of this world in affordability.) We like her style best out of  all the young Chinese actresses. Also, the west's fashion world is definitely taking note.
Lastly, Crystal Liu (or Liu Yifei) changed her dress twice for the film festival and this is her second look. We've looked everywhere for the maker of the dress but can't find any info on it (that is, in english). It looks slightly Elie Saab-ish, from his Spring couture line, but not quite. In any case we thought she looked rather nice. I think we may be seeing more from these women in the future as Chinese film continues to make huge strides. By the way, James Cameron and other heavy hitters from the west were there that night and many news articles after the event spoke about how China is like the American film industry in the 20's, in the sense that so much is happening, so fast. It's just exploding onto the scene right now. James Cameron told press that many Chinese cities are just about to get their first movie theaters, and they'll be full 3-d theaters! Kind of a crazy thought there.

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