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Monday, February 7, 2011


We think the actress Lindsey Pulsipher looks so cute here. Everything she's wearing gives a sporty chic vibe - the mittens, stripe shirt, green puffy coat, scarf, cross-body bag, knit hat and vintage lace-up booties all combine for a fun outdoor look. I'm always looking for ways to inject more life into winter outerwear and she definitely hit a cool note in Sundance fashion. I really like how she finished the look with red lips. I think I'll do the same with my next sporty outfit..


  1. Hey I think this is Lindsay Pulsipher, the actress who plays Crystal on True Blood!

  2. You're totally right! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. No problem! I love that show, and she is totally adorable.
    And I adore your blog. So beautifully put together, and perfectly whimsical.