BLUSH & CORAL ~ Thread Ethic | Modest Fashion

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There are a few things in this look that make Jennifer Sahlin stand out. First, the beautiful blush and coral hued scarf creates wonderful contrast when set against her pretty blonde hair and all the inky black. We'll  be seeing this color combo of blush and coral around quite a bit this spring. Then, her boots are killer, somehow city sleek but substantial enough to anchor the look. The Calvin Klein bag on her arm is fabulous. My favorite detail though - the rose enamel ring. Gorgeous.


  1. Thank you for your cute site. I am a YW leader and I have been sharing your site with my girls. I love that they can see how fun and cute modesty can be. If you ever have any down time and feel like heading up to Cache Valley in Utah to talk to the girls we would love it!
    Thank you, Shiree

  2. Every time I check this blog, which is daily, I want to buy so many clothes & shoes! Love it! I need a total makeover!

  3. Carrie Anne, you don't need a total makeover! I've started to realize that whenever I think my closet is looking boring, it usually means I need to rework what I already have. Finding new, more current combinations of basic pieces make old things totally cutting edge again. Accessories can also change a look entirely. It's like your closet is a styling job and you're the stylist.

    And Shiree, write to us at and maybe we can set something up!