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Friday, January 21, 2011


"Spot the common denominator between the best dresses at the Golden Globes? They all had long sleeves, a feature which clearly had nothing to do with the wearers' dislike of showing their arms, that phobia which supposedly sets in with middle age. No: Anne Hathaway in slinky caramel Armani Privé, Leighton Meester in cloudy Burberry, Angelina Jolie in emerald Atelier Versace, and Tilda Swinton in her Jil Sander white shirt and satin skirt all came out in sleeves as an active point of fashion. Compare their elegant reserve to the women flashing cleavage and leg, and the visual shift they effected is clear - the flashers look clichéd, stuck in that worn-out, red-carpet groove."  -  The London Telegraph


  1. I thought all of the modest gowns was eye-catching. I don't usually notice such things--I'm so busy coveting every darn gown--but this year's dresses were really different that way. I loved seeing gowns that I could wear.