Thursday, June 7, 2012


As you saw in this post, we're loving some colorful accessories lately. The J. Crew picture in the last post reminded us so much of these shoes it was kind of crazy. We were together at a target somewhere in the middle of Florida when Desirae bought them. We both kept going back and forth about them and finally she decided that having a good interesting flat sandal like this in the city (with the miles and miles of walking) was a good idea. She also figured it was a good color that would probably go with a lot of things. In the end we both knew it would make any more neutral (and sometimes in our minds 'boring') outfit much more fun. So we're happy to report that now after all of these months she is very happy with her purchase. They are being put to very good use in the city. Sometimes having a friend shopping with you helps. Then again, I think I didn't help her much on this one....

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service Kate Middleton in Alexander McQueen The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service Kate Middleton Jane Taylor hat Alexander McQueen kate and william The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service Kate Middleton Jane Taylor hat Alexander McQueen Samantha Cameron in Paul Smith Diamond Jubilee Thanksgiving Service Queen
Jubilee Winds Down

Let's just say, it has been a very royal weekend! The royals were out in force to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne!). And of course, we had hats galore. It's so strange that we're not a part of the whole hat extravaganza in the States. We're wondering who are the crazy or them? Regardless, we thought Kate's hats looked great with both of her Alexander McQueen looks. We guess that if a designer like Sarah Burton (who also designed her wedding dress) happens to be working out for you, you might as well keep them! And seriously, isn't it amazing that even the guys get in on the top hat action? Sadly, we couldn't find a good enough picture of Prince William in his. 

Wish we could have been there this weekend. It sounds like it was quite the royal party!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


As you've seen before, we love pairing our brights with neutrals. This outfit was really easy. We're guessing that many of you have denim shirts (luckily this one is short sleeve so it works under the looser fitting shirt without making me too hot). The skirt and denim speak for the color where the shoes, bag and over-shirt are merely compliments to them. We're kind of thinking Gucci resort here. So go ahead and try it!

Monday, June 4, 2012



Erdem is fast becoming such a favorite of ours. One of us saw this resort collection and immediately went to her closet to see if she had any small but similar florals that could be paired together. Sadly the consensus was that she didn't. So we will definitely be on the look out. We love how the florals are almost the same but different, making for such interesting looks. And although we wouldn't show up in the head to toe floral pant looks, we just love the other looks in the photo. But we have to admit that the top photo is our favorite....

Saturday, June 2, 2012


OK guys. Melody's going to do it. It's not a terribly drastic change, but it's still a change. She's cutting some locks before she takes off to Mexico next week. It will be the cut of Alexa Chung up top, with the length of Rose Byrne down below. If anyone thinks she shouldn't do it, speak now or forever hold your peace....

Friday, June 1, 2012


All right, you guys saw bits of the Dior Couture collection here, and now you can see some of these beautiful creations in print. Keep in mind the hats are crazy, but we love the full skirts nipped in at the waist. And we have to admit, those sleeves in the looks up top are pretty wonderful. We always love to see when runway looks show up in magazine shoots....