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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Neutrals

With the onslaught of Spring comes a bit of chilly wind and rain. Although we didn't have rain, we did have some intense wind the day we shot this. These days are exactly when you want a good trench coat. We both own trench coats and we both know that we will be using them for the rest of our lives. When an article of clothing has been classic for so long, you can guess we both will spend a little more money to make sure this piece is in our closets. Our jackets are from Banana Republic and J. Crew (you can find similar here). Although Melody felt a tad guilty one year when her husband gave this to her for christmas (the words, 'oh babes, this is kind of expensive' were some of her first), you can bet she has worn it every spring and fall since she got it. Oh and the rest of the outfit is Zara. Keep the color pallet light and airy and people will feel like Spring just walked through the door.

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