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Monday, March 25, 2013


Although this is a pretty spring or summer look, we saw these images from Peony Lim at Paris Fashion Week last September and it reminded us of our look from the opera not too long ago (eh hem of course we love hers more...look at that jacket!). Peony is one of those fashion bloggers that happens to pop up a all mediums of different media outlets. And truly it's not surprising. She's got some very cutting edge style. She's worn the designer Isolda London quite a few times and all have been beautiful long flowing print dresses. Moral of the story is that we love the long flowing maxi dresses with short boucle jackets.


  1. LOVE LOVE that dress. I want one myself! I do need a dress....

  2. That maxi is perfection.

  3. If you're interested in the actual dress, here's the link to buy it...

  4. Oh my! That dress is to die for! The colors, style, print, everything! LOVE! Thanks for sharing!
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