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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tadashi Shoji Fall '13 - Modest Dress Heaven

Oh my goodness. Mr. Shoji's collection was a modest evening dress dream. There are SOOOO many looks here. And yet there were others we didn't include since we had way too many as it was. Inspired by a trip to Russia and elements like the robes of Russian Orthodoxy priests or the Tsar and his family right before the 1917 revolution, we can definitely see the influence. We think it's Russian royalty meets Downton Abbey and we're sold. All the velvet was incredible. We haven't seen velvet come down the runways in a while, so it definitely felt very royal. I think we're sure to see these pop up on the red carpet soon. 


  1. All dresses are just awesome! I am a business person engaged with sewing thread business for garments you all designers are more than welcome to tell me how you dressing could be more glamorous! I will appreciate your views!

  2. I can find something glamorous and perfect about each one of these dresses!

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  3. I love the silver on black. I think silver is my new white this season.