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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

SNOW BOOTS - Wearing the UGG Hoka winter boot

Winter hiking fashion; UGG snow boots
Fur hat with puffer coat
UGG with Hoka technology winter boot
Winter hiking wear
Ear flap fur hat
UGG Snow Boots

When Ugg emailed us about their new boot featuring the Hoka technology (a rolled toe and heel technology) we had to check it out. This is the Celiste boot (you can find the collection and this particular boot here). We decided to go for a little winter hike in them and we must admit they are pretty dang cool. They're surprisingly light for being a pretty hefty boot. By the way, this is not your typical UGG boot, people. These things would get you through some pretty crazy winter weather (including in cities). We're definitely gonna be breaking them out again for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival coming up. We're also so happy with their comfort that we bought another UGG boot that we can't wait to show you guys. So step away from the wellies (not much grip can get crazy in the snow) and get yourself a good winter boot. I'm itching to get these things to Yellowstone in the winter (yep, that's Melody's winter trip for next year). (Also... wishing Desirae was there to tie my scarf. I'm so bad at tying scarves. Also wish it had a bit of color like this.)

Stay tuned for the Mara Modest Dress giveaway winner! Sorry we're slow, we'll be announcing it tomorrow....(drum rolllll)


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  2. If 30 degrees below zero, but also warm?

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