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Friday, December 14, 2012

OUR HOLIDAY DRESS - Mara Modest Inspiration

Holiday white dress, black tights, black cord bow belt
holiday white dress, black tights and black cording bow belt
black tights, black boots
Holiday white dress with black cording bow belt

All right you lovely people. The Mara Modest dress giveaway is finally ending on Monday. And in honor of the giveaway, we have put together one last post to inspire you to enter the "name it to win it" contest. We showed you the Burberry inspiration and now we're showing you that it can actually be your holiday go-to look. We were thinking we should take our own advice and go ahead and put together the outfit we thought up for the Mara dress. Of course we did wonder if you really could take a white and more springy eyelet dress into the winter season. The conclusion is, 'yes,' we think you can. So don't hold back! Now's your last chance to win the Mara dress (we think it's cuter than ours pictured since we love the 3/4 length sleeves). So follow the instructions and enter here.  And can you believe the holidays are so close? We're in awe....


  1. Super cute dress/outfit! And I love your decorations-especially that light up star!

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