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Monday, October 8, 2012


Our title makes you think of leisure suits from the 70s, but seriously we couldn't think of anything that got the point across! (Great, now all we can think of is Randy Quaid walking around the super market in Christmas Vacation. Step away, step away. ) Anyway, this outfit was so obviously inspired by poppy delevigne it's not even funny. We're really liking the loose combo here with the loose T and relaxed fit trousers. This was one of our last late summer looks, but if you throw on a trim or even loose jacket (seen here at Paris Fashion week) it really could take you right into fall. Add some heels and a clutch and you're ready for business...leisure style :)


  1. love those pants. and that clutch. just the whole thing.

  2. yes, yes, yes!! loving this whole thing.