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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


OK so there's a story behind this fabulous woman. I spotted her in the indoor reptile exhibit at the zoo and spent many long minutes trying to get up the nerve to ask her if I could take her picture (she probably thought I was stalking her, eh hem...to which I kind of was). But you guys can guess what the lighting was like in the reptile area. Dark with florescents isn't terribly appealing. So I knew I was going to have to drag her outside when she had two little (and might I add, VERY cutely dressed) kids in tow. So I lost the nerve and went to meet up with my family at the giraffes. After a while of fawning over the baby giraffe, we decided to move towards the exit. And right as we were passing back by the reptile exhibit to leave, magically there she was! Burnt red skinny jeans, awesome black camo boots, outdoor vest and all. Definitely loved the look and she totally stood out in the pajama-pant type crowd (ok, ok, so maybe not everyone was wearing pajama pants....)

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