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Monday, October 22, 2012


We had a rather hard weekend in our musical lives. It's strange how something fun like going to the zoo can seem like ages ago now. But in the moment, our time at the zoo was happy and careless. And so we'll move forward with our post today. 

These are two of the lovely ladies we caught over our weekend outing. The third (and truly lovely lady) you'll see on Wednesday. We loved the first look with her green socks and camo boots, paired with the canvas and leather bag. The last look we loved for the black leather jacket paired with maxi skirt and awesome quilted bag.  We were appreciative of both looks since we realized that not many people tend to dress terribly stylishly at the zoo. And really, that's all right. We all have our moments when certain outings are just laid back. Oh! And keep a look out for the last look on Wednesday....

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