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Wednesday, July 4, 2012



HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! In more ways than one it has been a red 4th. It's hot, half the country's on fire, and politics are heated. So why not celebrate the holiday with some red? And isn't it nice to have Desirae on here again? She's wearing an absolutely lovely ruffled dress she bought from H&M a couple of seasons ago with a pair of Steve Madden shoes we seem to share a lot (that's what sisters are for, right?). The belt is seriously amazing from Forever 21 (quite the steal compared with this one from Neiman's). Actually, now that we think of it, now is a good time to talk about bow belts. Just take one look here, here and here and you'll see what we're getting at. The bow belt was seen all over EVERYTHING to do with Burberry Prorsum for fall. So you know what we're thinking of doing if we can't find a good one? This. And you know how we'll pair it? Right at the top of skirts and belting our coats like so (probably not in such a  bright color, but maybe in a great brown). We can't wait!
(CAUTION: this fashion accessory could go very badly, very fast. Don't forget to keep it classy by staying in classy colors and sizes!)