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Saturday, May 5, 2012

VERO MODA SPRING 2012 - Alexa Chung


We thought this was a lovely photo shoot that Alexa Chung did for the clothing company Vero Moda. We love their sense of style over there. It's cool, yet somehow simple and understated. But then again, put Alexa Chung in anything and that's what it would be. That must be why they chose her to be the face of their company...which is pretty dang smart if you ask us. If you're unfamiliar with the model Alexa Chung's style, you can see it here, herehere and here. Let's just say we kinda like her....


  1. I think her style is getting better and she's becoming even more beautiful as she gets older. 


  2. Love her style! She makes it look so easy.

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