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Thursday, May 24, 2012


We've been feeling ever since the onslaught of all of the ultra formal Cannes looks (along with the Christian Dior and Mohammad Ashi posts), that the blog has been looking pretty dressy lately. So let's throw in another more casual look. This is really an easy look of ours. I'm sure a lot of you have a good striped shirt these days, so just pair it with a few brighter accessories and voila! You may have noticed that we stayed away from a colorful shoe. It would really just be too much for the look. So keep in mind that there is definitely balance in color and accessories. By the way, this little orange bracelet of ours has been pretty fun lately. It has brought in the tiniest bit of color without being overly obtrusive. Also you've seen us pair this scarf before in winter and you've probably guessed by now that it's one of our favorites. Its rich color just adds the perfect bit of something else to an otherwise basic outfit. Also Desirae here has a way of tying scarves that is perfect. I (Melody) on the other hand, do not. I'm pretty sure she slightly ties the bottom and lets the top lie more loose. I'll have to try that next time I'm using a smaller scarf....

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