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Monday, May 28, 2012


The Thunderbirds
The Crowd
The WWII Mustang (P51)

Is there a better way to celebrate Memorial Day than at an airshow? We think not. The outfit up top is what I partially wore on Saturday. "Partially" because let's just say I was SUPER lucky to have left all of my ski clothes in the car. It was FREEZING and ended up pouring rain in the middle of the show. So luckily my trusty ski coat came in handy. At the very end of the day the sun came back out and my outfit was again visible. The grey motorcycle jacket is an old favorite of mine from H&M, the jeans are an even older favorite of mine from Nordstrom that were so comfortable I finally had to retire them because of the holes (but if you follow us on twitter, you might have seen that I brought them out of retirement because I'm loving their rips as of late).
   Apart from fashion, we've always talked about how interesting it is to be a part of a big crowd. How many interesting faces (not to mention clothing) can be found. Since it was pretty dang cold, you'll see lots of blankets and sweatshirts (not to mention the snuggie thrown in there). But I guess it was especially fun to see the way kids reacted to the amazing planes in the sky. There was a sense of pride from parents in bringing their kids to see one of man's greatest feats. And you know what? I was almost on the brink of tears when the music to "Band of Brothers" came over the speakers as the Thunderbirds (pictured up top) landed. I don't often gush patriotism, but sometimes a holiday like memorial day will bring it out. So welcome to the season of the red, white and blue, fireworks, barbecues, sparklers, sprinklers and pools. We're ready!


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