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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CLINTON KELLY - Appearance at Macy's City Creek

Look who it is! It's Clinton Kelly from TLC's "What Not To Wear"! And he's coming to the brand new Macy's at beautiful City Creek in Salt Lake this Saturday to do a presentation on his Spring must-haves for women of all shapes and sizes. He's also just wrapped up taking part in Macy's million dollar makeover that aired two nights ago where the winner Dylan Gold, an entrepreneur in furniture making, was given not only the big monetary prize, but also advice from designers in the business and a make-over from Mr. Kelly to help in his pursuits of winning. This is the second year the competition has taken place where Macy's has selected 3 finalists in home design, food, or fashion, from applicants on their Facebook page. Maybe we should apply in the coming years in creating a clothing line! Or maybe some of you should apply in the 3 areas of design. In any case, you should definitely come to see what Mr. Kelly has to say on Saturday. It's the perfect excuse to get down to City Creek and view the fabulous site. Oh and it's at the perfect time, 1pm. Looks like one of us may have an excuse to hit some of the shops.... (Oh, and we've been invited to cover the event, so make sure and say 'hello' if you make it out.)


  1. That's so cool! Congrats ladies!

  2. thats crazy! thanks for letting us know about it!

    --heather anderson @