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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


As you saw in yesterday's post, we happen to like pairing our brights with things that tone them down a bit (think neutrals). Therefore, denim is becoming our best friend. It has a great way of toning our brights down a notch so you don't feel like a rainbow once you step out the door. But with all the bright colors everywhere, we started to wonder where they came from and why they've taken off. In searching we actually found the culprit being the 2012 Resort collections. Look at these - Bottega VenetaChanel, Peter SomFendi, and Gucci (1) (and 2) are just a few of the stand outs. So we don't know about you, but when we think "resort," we think of exotic places with lots of color and flavor (entirely different than the typical spring pastels). So go ahead and add an exotic flare to your life by implementing color this spring and summer. You'd be surprised how happy it makes you. 

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  1. Oh, I love this pairing. I think I'm going to try to duplicate it.