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Friday, March 9, 2012

MODEST LOOK BOOK - Kate Middleton's thrift store dress

We were kind of excited to read this in the Huffington Post yesterday. Since we're huge advocates of vintage dresses (it's what we tend to wear 50% of the time on stage) you can probably guess why we were happy to see we aren't the only ones. We've known for a while that when it comes to finding dresses that are modest, have a runway look, and are well made, shopping vintage and thrifting is the way to go. So is it any wonder that Kate decided the same? She'll probably be gracing these pages quite a bit since she's got such a similar standard in dressing. She definitely makes others realize there are more possibilities out there. Plus, is it any wonder that more wedding dresses are being made with sleeves? She alone will probably change the wedding dress scene since women everywhere have been asking for dresses like her's. So thank you Kate for shaking things up and making modest so cool....


  1. She's a total class act.

  2. Natasha AtkersonMarch 9, 2012 at 9:32 AM

    Adorable dress! I LOVE her style! The fact that she dresses modestly is a HUGE plus!Natasha
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  3. I love that she wears vintage, although I do wish this one wasn't. I would scoop it right up! So chic!

  4. I love her style. So classy and sophisticated. I love English fashion! <3