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Thursday, March 29, 2012


The denim fashion trend started on the runways of 2010 is not going anywhere for 2012. Actually it has hit mainstream in force.  Last spring we looked everywhere for denim shirts, one of us found one at Zara and the other had luck thrifting.  This year it seems they are easier to find (which usually means it has hit mainstream). The denim on denim look we shot last year is still going full fledge and if you google celebrities sporting similar looks, you'll see what we mean (a whole slew of images pop up). By the way, the shirt is perfect for traveling. It very nearly goes with everything, making it a must for your luggage (you can be sure that both of our shirts were with us for the past 3 weeks on the hem...making for some awkward moments when we showed up in similar outfits).


  1. Great outfit!


  2. I actually really love the shoes! I think they would look so chic with a pair of black dress shorts and a blazer with the blue button down you're wearing! <3