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Friday, March 16, 2012

ALL IN A DAY - The Duchess

We know the days where you're due in the morning for some specific event, the afternoon for a completely different affair and the evening for something more formal. How in the world do you make it all work? Well we thought Kate did a pretty good job in her transition from playing field hockey with the Olympic team, to giving interviews afterward, to looking completely polished later in the afternoon for a gallery event. For the gallery stroll, she put her coral skinnies away and donned a more proper dress (by the designer Orla Kiely which is probably sold out by now) and surprisingly went without her nude stockings. Many people have commented lately about the role of pantyhose in politics (mentioning Kate along the way), so it's definitely made mention when she goes without them. All in all, we loved her coral skinnies which went from dressed down to more dressed up pretty easily. And since one of us owns a similar military jacket to the one she threw over her t-shirt, we can tell you how it makes a casual outfit into something more dressy pretty easily. And there you have it...a day in the life of Kate.


  1. She is an absolute class act. I love her style! I have a pair of peachy-pink jeans that she is wearing in two of the picks, and I've already decided I'm going to borrow the navy blazer look she put together.

  2. I love how adorable and modest she always is.

  3. So cute!  Love the brights on bottom w/staid classics on the top.  Perfect for the transition to spring!!