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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MARC JACOBS FALL 2012 - a parody on street style?

                            We've gone from Spring RTW 2012 here,                                 To Fall RTW 2012 here.

The Spring RTW (ready to wear) line definitely looks more "ready to wear". The fall RTW line looks more like a "couture" example to us.

Funny, we were just tweeting about this. When we saw the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 line that showed last night, we were a bit overwhelmed with the literal "mass" of clothing. Right when we saw the massive hats, scarves, skirts, crazy mixture of patterned socks and shoes our first thought was almost exactly what we tweeted last night; "why does it look like people are wearing their closets?"

The state of street style in the fashion world is all over the place at the moment. What happened to good, clean, tasteful clothing? We've tried finding images to pin in Pinterest to show what's going on there, but it's definitely proven difficult to do it in taste. Everyone is trying to out-do each other. People are running around like clowns. Marc Jacobs even said some of his muses were the likes of Anna Piaggi (who never steps out without a hat; an aspect definitely seen at the show) and Lynn Yaeger.

So is Marc's line sort of a "can't beat them, join them" type of homage?

We think Marc Jacob's fall 2012 line was a parody on the current state of style, notably street style. Esquire put up a blog a few days ago that puts the state of "street style" so well. We know we are pseudo-hypocrites in the writer's eyes since we're technically a street style blog. But we are trying to do this for different reasons than parading around in loud outfits. Standards in modesty make some women feel a bit confined in their fashion options. We're trying to open those options up and give people confidence to dress with taste. We will always love Marc Jacobs and give him the respect he deserves for his courage in strong design. This time we'll just take a step back to watch and see what will come of it.


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  2. I just did a post about this also! I loved Marc Jacobs because it's how a runway show should be artist. There were SO MANY beautiful clothing on the run ways this year but I felt a lot of it was safe. I'm glad Marc Jacobs made it more artistic and no so much wearable.

  3. I totally agree with you guys! I feel like some people during fashion week just want to out due each other just to get noticed so they dress like crazy fashion clowns. I do like Marc Jacobs a lot and I did like this collection too and I'm interested to see where fashion will go in the future.