LITTLE BLACK LACE DRESS ~ Thread Ethic | Modest Fashion

Friday, December 16, 2011


There was so much beautiful lace on the fall runways that we felt that the holiday season would not be complete without some lace on this blog. Seriously, you can see lace here at Marc Jacobs, Elie Tahari, and Elle magazine, to name a few. Sometimes the "little black dress" gets a bad wrap at party time for being a bit somber, so we'd like to make the case for the "little black lace dress". Lace is elegant yet tastefully extravagant (if there's such a thing) - you definitely know it is reserved for an evening out. Be warned though, black lace brings attention in a way that really nothing else can. Get ready to stop traffic in your LBLD. Dress vintage, heels Steve Madden.


  1. Oh My! If only I could wear this on a day to day basis.

  2. This is an awesome dress! It has a real 'Black Swan' sort of feel to it.