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Monday, November 14, 2011


As florals are briefly making their final appearance around us, we couldn't help but be inspired by their fading beauty. We love the juxtaposition of florals with autumnal textures and colors. On one of the last warm days we decided to pair these Forever 21 heels with the heavier camel ruffles of a skirt so graciously sent to us by the online boutique Kosher Casual (which by the way, if you're needing a pencil skirt that is actually knee length you should check them out). This outfit was definitely inspired by (and maybe viciously copied from) the Spring 2011 DKNY show. In that look you can see how Donna Karen definitely went for more neutrals, but this fall she decided to add some rust into the mix (seen here and here). And so we'll let the florals go and turn our attention to the color palette of fallen leaves and ripened pumpkins.

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