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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


So, leather everything is quite hot right now. There were leather dresses at Calvin Klein, a leather belle curved trench-like jacket at Valentino and leather pants at Alexander Wang. Frankly, I'm still not brave enough to wear true leather pants (even though the Alexander Wang pair is to-die-for) but I did branch out and get a waxed pair of trousers from Zara that have a leather look. I feel like I still get the impact of leather without actually running around in a stifling pair of dramatic leather pants. What do you think? Still too dramatic? Would you wear these in your town? Shown here, coral blouse vintage, pants Zara, heels and necklace Forever 21, bracelets H&M, sunglasses Nordstrom.


  1. This outfit looks incredible! I would wear that if I could any day.

  2. I would wear those pants, but I would die for that blouse!