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Friday, October 14, 2011


Need we say much? We were both in agreement on how fun this line is. We're just in awe at what Marc Jacobs continues to do. Seriously, how do you manage to have two of your own lines, design for one of the oldest houses in fashion and keep coming up with collections that continually push the edges of fashion and creativity? What we love about this line is not only the 60's inspiration, but really how he changes the shapes of that inspiration. If you look through the collection (here) you'll see those 60's shapes are not really fitted the same way we'd expect to see them. Pieces are tailored to fit boxier, more loose, and with a sort of structural freedom. And really - the colors... they make us look forward to spring even though we haven't even hit winter! Enjoy!


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  4. I love those crisp pastels! The candy pinks and yellow dresses shouts "pretty." You're right Patricia, the white hand bag will add more glamor to any party dress.

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