DENIM AND STRIPES ~ Thread Ethic | Modest Fashion

Friday, July 22, 2011


You all know how much we love our denim shirts at the moment. You're also very aware that the classic striped shirt has been our summer staple. So why not pair them together? There is something so chic about the Parisian stripe Coco made famous, yet pairing it with something so American gives it sort of a "rough around the edges" look. We paired this with white, but don't shy away from pairing with any type of boyfriend pants with the cuffs rolled or even an awesome pair of paper bag chinos from Topshop.  Voila, you'll become effortlessly summer chic.


  1. This feels like it would be the perfect look for strolling along the beach at sunset. I NEED to find a denim shirt already!

    Rebecca {hearts} Salt Lake City

  2. Love it. Gonna wear it. I'm seriously getting up now to change my clothes.