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Monday, May 2, 2011


I saw the coolest shot of Gwen Stefani inside the May issue of Elle magazine that made me want to let the little, tiny rocker inside me out. She was wearing a motorcycle jacket, white button down blouse, and black slacks, which looked totally slick. I'm not doing exactly that here but I feel this definitely has a rocker vibe to it. I say, some days it's OK to have an edgy attitude and to maybe let people know about it.


  1. Really cool look and your locations are perfect!

  2. I love leather jackets! Its always nice to feel a little edgy one day.

  3. Personally, I don't care for the look. The pants look way too tight and make me think that if I wore them I wouldn't be able to sit down. Also, the waistline of the pants is too low. I've tried on some pants that had waistlines low like that and they feel like they are about to slide off.

    A real motorcyclist wouldn't touch those boots with a ten-foot pole because those open toes would make it so that their toes could get hurt when shifting gears (on motorcycles, gears are shifted with a lever operated by the left foot).

    It's a fashionable look, but totally impractical for biker chicks. (I'm not a biker chick, but I've ridden enough to know what is practical for that activity.) As for rocking out, I don't know that you would have the freedom of movement with those pants if you are going to do some serious groovin' to the music.

  4. To each his own :). Just remember not all clothing should be worn within the context of its terminology. For example, sometimes the coolest "biker chicks" look like this... Enjoy!

  5. Haahahahaa. Nicely put, good girls. Love it. Love the look. Love the response. Love the Sartorialist as always. Love. It.