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Friday, April 22, 2011


Looking a little bit ahead here, but the Fall/Winter 2011 Rodarte collection was so pretty, so cool and totally inventive that I had to share some highlights with you. I mean, who knew wheat fields on a flowing sky blue gown could be so gorgeous? Well, the Mulleavy sisters, the designers behind Rodarte, somehow knew (pronounced ro-dar-tay). I love how creative and skilled they were at bringing something new to a full length gown. I've been pretty bored seeing strapless gown after strapless gown on red carpets, at every black tie event, and on every bride. Thank you Rodarte for something fresh and new (which also happens to be modest...I'm just saying.)

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  1. Wheat, huh? *faceslap* Of course! Now that I look at it, I see you're right! To my philistine eyes at first glance it looked like they had walked through a mud puddle.