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Thursday, January 27, 2011



Sometimes I pick a piece or two and build a whole outfit around that idea. Here, I decided to explore my inner french girl (Although, I don't think I have a drop of French blood in me. The closest I ever came to being French was when a curator at Versailles startled me by taking my face in his hands and told me, in broken english, that I looked exactly like Marie Antionette. I have my doubts...). I've had this top with matching bow tie, from H&M, for a while. I used to wear it full and loose, and may still if the mood strikes, but chose here to tuck it into skinny jeans and a rafia belt, both from Urban Outfitters. The hat, also from H&M, is a slightly wider rimmed version of a fedora. I'm in love with wider rimmed hats right now. It takes a bit of bravery to pull off a chic hat, but it will instantly give you that je ne sais quoi. The jacket is a thrift store find.


  1. haha.. I found this blog googling for "french girl".. where you are one of the first result (in images).. maybe u look very french also for Google ;-)