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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Lace seems to be having a moment and we couldn't be more pleased. Lace is timeless and feminine. This dress is a vintage piece and, given that the television series Mad Men is having such an impact on the fashion world at the moment, what is old has become new again. A little cat-eye liner can give a nod to the dress's origin though. If you're wearing lace, keep the jewelry to a minimum - maybe one piece - to avoid looking too busy. Also keep in mind, if you are going to buy a vintage dress always have it tailored to fit you (unless by some stroke of luck you find one that magically fits like a glove). Find a tailor that has some experience working with vintage clothes or costumes, as the fabric and seams are more fragile on a vintage dress than on a modern garment. You don't want your pretty vintage dress falling apart on you! Even with the added effort of tailoring, the rewards are well worth it. With no worries someone will show up to the party wearing the same dress as you, you can truly be one of a kind.

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