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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, depending on the party, how dressy you want to be, and the kind of crowd you run with, you may want to take sequins in a couple of different directions. In the first look we showed how the Modest Girl can get in on the biggest party-dressing-fashion-trend happening now. Some black tights and sky-high heels are all you really need to add to sequins because the dress is the star of the show. Any added jewelry could send you into pageant queen territory, in a bad way. In the second look we showed how you can tone the star quality of a sequin dress down. With lace-up booties and a vest you can really wear this to almost any party. Layer this look with some sweaters, scarf and an anorak and you have street wear...just saying...

Trick divulged - I actually had this dress made by my seamstress because I was having trouble finding a sequin dress with enough coverage. Me being a Modest Girl with determination to wear some sequins, I took the fabric and a couple photos to the seamstress and told her I just wanted a basic t-shirt dress made out of sequins. And there you have it, a sequin dress that is long enough and has some sleeves.

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  1. FRIEND!!! I am love love loving this! What a fun thing for you to be doing! I will now add you to another blog I check all the time!!