Thursday, March 7, 2013

Joe Fresh Tee and Sweater Slinging

Sweater Slinging and Joe Fresh

Sweater Slinging and Joe Fresh

Sweater Slinging and Joe Fresh

This reddish tee has been one of our casual go-tos lately.  It has even started to make its way into the suitcase (which is saying a lot...meaning it is the most comfy of the most comfy to make it onto the road with us). Want a top similar (or even better) than ours? Here's what Joe Fresh has cookin' for spring. Also, we've been totally rocking what's being called "coat slinging." We were surprised after sporting it that Vogue wrote a whole article about it here (it's fun to go through the slides of all the fashionistas). Although this is a sweater, Melody wore a jacket slung this past weekend for the wedding she shot (will show you soon). And to tell you the truth, it was nice being neither hot nor cold. Here's to more in-between weather options!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring White with Trench Coat

Black chain bag

Trench with white button down

Trench paired with all whtie

White with Trench and Black Accessories

We were lucky and caught a lot of Spring weather in Texas, Florida and California, so we were finally able to break out the trench coats. And doesn't it just feel so springy to wear all white again? We also like the juxtaposition of the black accessories. Trench is from Banana Republic, shoes are Forever 21, bag is Shop Suey (similar here).

Friday, March 1, 2013

Button Sharing!

Hello lovely ladies! We have finally decided to open up the blog to all of you! We are starting by sharing buttons. You can have you're beautifully designed button displayed on our sidebar in exchange for our button on your site!
 If interested please contact us at DesiandMel at Gmail dot Com.

In-between Weather

Tulle with cable knit sweater
Tulle skirt, leopard heels

watch and bracelets

Since we did a lot of touring in Texas this past month, we hit a lot of  "in between weather." There were days where it would be in the 70's and days in the 50's. But then there's the 60's. The upper 60's are the most difficult. You wanna throw on a skirt, but you're afraid if you put a t-shirt with it you'll be too cold. So why not put a sweater over it? This kind of reminds us the fabulous outfit Alexa Chung donned over London's fashion week below. Or how about some Sartorialist tulle?

Alexa Chung at London Fashion Week

Alexa Chung at J.W. Anderson

Such a cute outfit. Must remember...leather and cable knit sweaters...leather and cable knit....