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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


What do you wear when you hike in a hot place like Mexico? All I can say is how lucky I am to have a good guy that convinces me that a lighter weight sandal/hiking shoe is a necessity for summer water hikes. And man has he been right. I wear these things all of the time, hiking up to waterfalls, through rivers, I even used them as a lighter shoe to walk around the Grand canyon. Don't get me wrong I've got my hard core boots that I hike the big stuff in, but these are perfect when you know water and immense heat are involved (I just hate the take off the boots and socks, get wet feet, then attempt to put the socks back on syndrome). These I got a couple of years ago half off but they still sell them here. Now onto the shorts. These are men's shorts from Walmart and I absolutely LOVE them. They are so comfy. Seriously, has anyone noticed how deep men's pockets are? I could fit all of the contents of my bag into them. Well I guess that's the point for the guys. And lastly, the glasses are $5 from Walmart. I needed a pair I could trash and it needed to possibly be unisex since someone in my life has a problem losing and breaking glasses.  All in all, I must say I was pretty dang comfortable even while wearing a one piece swimsuit underneath (man those heat up pretty quickly). Oh and the top (and hat) are Forever 21(comfy, comfy).

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