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Thursday, June 7, 2012


As you saw in this post, we're loving some colorful accessories lately. The J. Crew picture in the last post reminded us so much of these shoes it was kind of crazy. We were together at a target somewhere in the middle of Florida when Desirae bought them. We both kept going back and forth about them and finally she decided that having a good interesting flat sandal like this in the city (with the miles and miles of walking) was a good idea. She also figured it was a good color that would probably go with a lot of things. In the end we both knew it would make any more neutral (and sometimes in our minds 'boring') outfit much more fun. So we're happy to report that now after all of these months she is very happy with her purchase. They are being put to very good use in the city. Sometimes having a friend shopping with you helps. Then again, I think I didn't help her much on this one....


  1. This whole outfit is very appealing. Simple (which I love) but draws a punch. Super shoes!