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Monday, April 23, 2012

WHAT WE WORE - Clinton Kelly at Macy's City Creek

When I dressed in this on Saturday, I was really thinking of taking our own blog advice. I have to admit, lately I've been thinking a lot of our post on Poppy Delevigne. I started to realize how some of the best dressers just pick good, classic pieces and know how to put them together. There's no fuss about it, just clean lines that look cool. So my whole approach to dressing is changing from the likes of Poppy and Miranda. They don't have to overly accessorize because the pieces themselves speak. So wish me luck in taking our own advice! You'll definitely be privy to it all! 


  1. where did you get these pants/where can I get similar pants?

  2. Actually they're from H&M from last year. But they're selling a similar pant I just saw there the other day. So go for it!