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Monday, March 19, 2012


We were more than a little surprised when we saw Vogue's 10 best dressed for this past week. Seven out of the ten we would consider to be pretty modest (we've seen the girl at the end before, and as was noted before, she could use a slip, but otherwise we were pretty satisfied). Obviously some we like better than others, but we figured we'd let you view the 7 images. We both saw Vogue's list separately; when one of us brought it up for a post, the other had already written it down to use. So we were definitely on the same wave length. But ultimately, what we really enjoyed was Vogue's synopsis for the week...
"While the current street-style trends may lead one to believe that, in fashion, the bigger and more outrageous, the better, what we found this week was quite the opposite. When it comes to modern dressing, to be truly groundbreaking, the forward-thinking woman knows it's all about two very important things: keeping it simple and being yourself."

We couldn't have said it better.


  1. That last outfit with the hat, navy sweater and gorgeous sheer pink skirt was a definite winner, because there was an amazing picture taken of her with the wind blowing her skirt and her holding down her hat and it was so beautiful, and it was EVERYWHERE! Such great picks!


  2. the dress in the third picture down=amaaaazzzzing. 

  3. Proof that modest fashion is making a comeback! Love the last look, though I don't quite understand why she went sans-slip. Regardless, kudos to you girls for your inspirational blog and this fantastic post. I'm going to pin a few pics from here, and that last quote may become my fashion motto!